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Tap here to add the repo to install pikabu

So, pikabu. It’s a volume HUD tweak. You are here to Install it. Add this repo to do so ^_^

To be clear, I did not create Pikabu. Jeffrey Chan did. He hasn’t been active on social media for almost 11 months now though, and his repo has been dead for about that length. The license for Pikabu thankfully allows the redistribution of it, so I decided it would be a good idea to revive the twe ak, just in time for the iOS 12 jailbreak. I am hosting a completely vanilla .deb file taken straight from his repo. It has not been modified at all. 

Confirmed to work on iOS 10.0-12.x. 

NOTE: There is a bug on iOS 12 where when the tweak enabled, trying to move icons on your home screen will freeze your device. Disable the tweak with icleaner before moving your icons. 

Finally, since somebody definitely wants it, here is a screenshot of the pikabu settings, along with what I customized the HUD to look like. 

Pikabu direct .deb link